Aero/mechanical design

18 competencies

Design and analysis of spacecraft, their subsystems, and components from an aerothermal and mechanical perspective.

Electronics design

19 competencies

Design and analysis of spacecraft electronic systems and telecommunications.

Maintenance, manufacturing & materials

18 competencies

Production, assembly, and testing of components and subsystems for satellites, spacecraft, and ground stations.

Software & data

14 competencies

Design and development of software for satellite operations and for processing of data collected by satellites.

Commercial operations

12 competencies

Work that supports the operations of a business, such as ensuring that projects run to time, people have the support they need, progress is communicated to clients, and finances and contracts are properly managed.

Sector support

12 competencies

Work that supports the space sector as a whole such as through funding, policy development, economic analysis, and provision of education and training.

Systems engineering

8 competencies

Designing, developing and verifying a space system as an integrated system able to fulfil the objectives of a mission within acceptable technical and programmatic frames.

Transferable skills

10 competencies

Competencies that are required for most roles in the sector, regardless of specialism.