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Code Themes Competency
SCF-32 Commercial operations; Sector support Understand the sector: Understand the structure of the space sector, including upstream, midstream, and downstream segments, and the role of ancillary service providers
SCF-38 Sector support Develop policy: Understand and contribute to the development of the policy and regulatory landscape of the space sector including national and international laws, licensing arrangements, and insurance requirements
SCF-39 Sector support Identify barriers to growth: Identify barriers to growth and innovation through economic analysis, and produce policy recommendations to address these
SCF-40 Sector support Support growth: Support and accelerate the growth of space companies through investment, advice, and business incubation, including commercialisation of scientific research and progression through technology readiness levels
SCF-41 Sector support Support training: Support skills development and supply by identifying skills gaps, improving education and training, and providing clear career and progression pathways
SCF-42 Sector support Create connections: Connect organisations and individuals to facilitate discussions, collaborations, and knowledge exchange

Displaying all 6 competencies