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Code Themes Competency
SCF-9 Aero/mechanical design; Electronics design; Maintenance, manufacturing & materials Contribute to technical processes: Contribute to technical reviews such as design, assembly, integration and test readiness, and non-conformance reviews, and process improvement analysis
SCF-18 Maintenance, manufacturing & materials Understand material properties: Understand the properties and responses of materials in different environments and configurations, and how to manipulate these for the needs of spacecraft
SCF-19 Maintenance, manufacturing & materials Interpret technical documents: Interpret, prepare, and complete documentation including outputs from manufacturing software, technical diagrams, non conformance reports and technical build records in line with standards
SCF-20 Maintenance, manufacturing & materials Develop manufacturing processes: Develop processes to efficiently and reliably manufacture components to meet technical requirements and tolerances
SCF-21 Maintenance, manufacturing & materials Maintain systems: Inspect, use and maintain specialised systems, including cryogenic systems, vacuum and pressurised systems, clean rooms, contamination-controlled environments, and laboratories
SCF-22 Maintenance, manufacturing & materials Use manufacturing tools: Use tools and machines to manufacture, assemble, and integrate mechanical, electrical, and electronic equipment and materials
SCF-23 Maintenance, manufacturing & materials Measure components: Measure and analyse components and systems using spectrum analysers, pressure gauges, micrometers, balances and non-contact approaches
SCF-24 Maintenance, manufacturing & materials Test components: Test components, subsystems, and systems using a range of thermal-vacuum, electromagnetic compatibility, shock, and vibration techniques
SCF-25 Maintenance, manufacturing & materials Follow regulations: Comply with documentation, procedures, health, safety, and environment regulations, and quality assurance processes

Displaying all 9 competencies