Maintain systems

Inspect, use and maintain specialised systems, including cryogenic systems, vacuum and pressurised systems, clean rooms, contamination-controlled environments, and laboratories

Other taxonomies

Equivalent or similar competencies in other taxonomies.

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Taxonomy Competency
ESCO maintain vacuum chamber
L4 Space Apprenticeship Use and maintain cryogenic systems for space applications (such as propulsion, subsystem thermal control and ground support activities) including associated processes and documentation, in compliance with legislative and company health, safety and environment requirements.
L4 Space Apprenticeship Use and maintain vacuum and pressure systems for space applications (such as environmental test chambers, pressure-fed propulsion systems, and gas supply lines for manufacturing & testing) including associated processes and documentation such as piping and instrumentation diagrams.
L4 Space Apprenticeship Disciplines and handling in cleanliness and contamination controlled environments.
L4 Space Apprenticeship Support and maintain ground support systems for spacecraft and subsystems.
L4 Space Apprenticeship Inspect electrical, mechanical or electronic equipment for quality assurance purposes.