ESCO identifies and categorises skills, competences, and occupations relevant for the EU labour market and education and training.

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European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations
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European Commission
Space specific?

Relevant compentencies

Note that this is not a complete list of the competencies in the ESCO, just ones that are relevant to SpaceCRAFT.

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ESCO competency SpaceCRAFT competencies
concepts of telecommunications SCF-13 Understand telecoms
interpret technical requirements SCF-19 Interpret technical documents
maintain vacuum chamber SCF-21 Maintain systems
business strategy concepts SCF-33 Set business strategy
use technical documentation SCF-9 Contribute to technical processes
aerospace engineering SCF-11 Understand spacecraft operations
lead others SCF-49 Lead others
plan manufacturing processes SCF-20 Develop manufacturing processes
developing policies and legislation SCF-38 Develop policy
exercise self-reflection SCF-55 Self-reflect
assemble optoelectronics SCF-16 Develop optoelectronic systems
comply with regulations SCF-25 Follow regulations
ground segment SCF-28 Understand role of space software
ICT encryption SCF-31 Make software secure
hardware components SCF-27 Understand limitations of space hardware
define technical requirements SCF-43 Capture requirements
design integrated circuits SCF-15 Develop analogue and digital systems
use non-destructive testing equipment SCF-24 Test components
communicate verbal instructions SCF-50 Communicate effectively
improve business processes SCF-37 Support the business
manage tender processes SCF-35 Meet commercial requirements
use equipment, tools or technology with precision SCF-22 Use manufacturing tools
manage project changes SCF-46 Manage changes
design circuit boards SCF-14 Design circuit boards
building and developing teams SCF-36 Support teams
analyse production processes for improvement SCF-47 Lead technical processes
taking a proactive approach SCF-54 Be proactive
strive for company growth SCF-40 Support growth
perform project management SCF-34 Provide leadership
perform failure analysis of production process SCF-45 Analyse safety and failure modes
analyse external factors of companies SCF-39 Identify barriers to growth
process data SCF-30 Process data
solve problems SCF-52 Problem solve
developing educational programmes SCF-41 Support training
perform product testing SCF-7 Perform testing
material mechanics SCF-18 Understand material properties
working with others SCF-48 Work with others
collaborating and liaising SCF-42 Create connections
use IT tools SCF-51 Work with digital tools
programming computer systems SCF-17 Develop software
measure parts of manufactured products SCF-23 Measure components
provide technical documentation SCF-8 Produce technical documents
launching of satellites into orbit SCF-3 Understand launch
run simulations SCF-5 Run simulations
organise information, objects and resources SCF-57 Be methodical
use CAD software SCF-4 Design components
plan SCF-56 Plan & organise
maintaining a positive attitude SCF-53 Be resilient
perform risk analysis SCF-44 Manage risks and opportunities