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SCF-48 Transferable skills Work with others: Build effective working relationships within a team and with external stakeholders, by respecting individual differences, and deal with conflict and differences in an appropriate manner
SCF-49 Transferable skills Lead others: Support and inspire others to achieve shared goals and improve their own work
SCF-50 Transferable skills Communicate effectively: Communicate clearly and effectively by listening, speaking and writing, adjusting style of communication and language to suit the target audience
SCF-51 Transferable skills Work with digital tools: Work with digital tools like email, word processors, and spreadsheets in order to process basic data, produce materials like reports and presentations, to communicate effectively
SCF-52 Transferable skills Problem solve: Apply creativity and problem solving techniques to tackle challenges
SCF-53 Transferable skills Be resilient: Show resilience and ability to cope with failures and obstacles
SCF-54 Transferable skills Be proactive: Take responsibility for assigned duties, and seek out opportunities to help others and develop new skills and knowledge
SCF-55 Transferable skills Self-reflect: Reflect and act on feedback from peers and managers
SCF-56 Transferable skills Plan & organise: Manage time and resources effectively with flexibility to adapt to different priorities
SCF-57 Transferable skills Be methodical: Approach tasks methodically and with attention to detail

Displaying all 10 competencies