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SCF-43 Systems engineering Capture requirements: Gather and define necessary functionality and convert these requirements into design specifications
SCF-44 Systems engineering Manage risks and opportunities: Identify, assess, and take action on potential problems and enhancements that could affect the performance, cost, or schedule of the design
SCF-45 Systems engineering Analyse safety and failure modes: Identify and evaluate potential design failure points, likelihood and impact of failures, and solutions to mitigate against failure
SCF-46 Systems engineering Manage changes: Develop and apply processes for capturing, evaluating, and addressing necessary and requested design changes
SCF-47 Systems engineering Lead technical processes: Lead technical reviews such as such as assembly, integration readiness, non-conformance reviews, process improvement analysis, and Concept of Operations (ConOps)
SCF-2 Aero/mechanical design; Systems engineering Understand impact of the space environment on spacecraft design: Understand the conditions of the space environment, including the effects of radiation, space debris, atmospheric drag, vacuum, atomic oxygen, and electrostatic charging, and their implications for spacecraft design
SCF-8 Aero/mechanical design; Electronics design; Systems engineering Produce technical documents: Produce technical drawings, reports, and other documentation to explain designs, document decisions, and record the results of testing
SCF-11 Electronics design; Systems engineering Understand spacecraft operations: Understand spacecraft launch and operations, including the importance of mass and links budgets

Displaying all 8 competencies