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SCF-8 Aero/mechanical design; Electronics design; Systems engineering Produce technical documents: Produce technical drawings, reports, and other documentation to explain designs, document decisions, and record the results of testing
SCF-9 Aero/mechanical design; Electronics design; Maintenance, manufacturing & materials Contribute to technical processes: Contribute to technical reviews such as design, assembly, integration and test readiness, and non-conformance reviews, and process improvement analysis
SCF-10 Electronics design Understand impact of the space environment on electronics: Understand the conditions of the space environment, including the effects of orbital altitude, radiation, extreme temperature conditions, electrostatic charging, and electromagnetic interference, and the implications for design of spacecraft electronics, power supply, and data transmissions
SCF-11 Electronics design; Systems engineering Understand spacecraft operations: Understand spacecraft launch and operations, including the importance of mass and links budgets
SCF-12 Electronics design Understand spacecraft electronics: Understand the role of electronics in spacecraft attitude determination and control, communications, telemetry, and control of payloads
SCF-13 Electronics design Understand telecoms: Understand radar, software defined radio, RF/Microwave systems, on-board data processing and storage, uplinks, antennas and common methods for encoding data into radio signals like QPSK
SCF-14 Electronics design Design circuit boards: Design and test electronic circuits using computer aided design (CAD) software to meet functional specifications, and implement those circuits into printed circuit boards
SCF-15 Electronics design Develop analogue and digital systems: Design and validate silicon subsystems like analog-to-digital-converters or power regulators
SCF-17 Electronics design; Software & data Develop software: Design, develop, and test software to meet specifications and standards
SCF-16 Electronics design Develop optoelectronic systems: Design and validate photonic components, subsystems, and active optical instruments, such as detectors and lasers, fibre-optic sensors, lidars, optical communication systems, and quantum technologies.

Displaying all 10 competencies