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SCF-1 Aero/mechanical design Understand spacecraft flight mechanics: Understand the how spacecraft operate in space, including orbital mechanics, attitude dynamics and control, manoeuvring, and stationkeeping, and the role of reaction control systems
SCF-2 Aero/mechanical design; Systems engineering Understand impact of the space environment on spacecraft design: Understand the conditions of the space environment, including the effects of radiation, space debris, atmospheric drag, vacuum, atomic oxygen, and electrostatic charging, and their implications for spacecraft design
SCF-3 Aero/mechanical design Understand launch: Understand the launch process, including the importance of mass budgets and the stresses of G-forces and vibrations
SCF-4 Aero/mechanical design Design components: Design components and assemblies using computer aided design (CAD) software to meet specifications and standards
SCF-5 Aero/mechanical design Run simulations: Write and run simulations using CFD and FEA software to analyse how components and materials respond to things like stresses, thermal shocks, pressure differentials, radiation, and vibration
SCF-6 Aero/mechanical design Support manufacturing: Work with manufacturing engineers and workshop technicians to ensure that components can be manufactured and assembled easily and reliably
SCF-7 Aero/mechanical design Perform testing: Perform tests on models and finished components and analyse results to calibrate and verify computer simulations
SCF-8 Aero/mechanical design; Electronics design; Systems engineering Produce technical documents: Produce technical drawings, reports, and other documentation to explain designs, document decisions, and record the results of testing
SCF-9 Aero/mechanical design; Electronics design; Maintenance, manufacturing & materials Contribute to technical processes: Contribute to technical reviews such as design, assembly, integration and test readiness, and non-conformance reviews, and process improvement analysis

Displaying all 9 competencies