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Code Themes Competency
SCF-36 Commercial operations Support teams: Recruit new staff and support the ongoing personal and professional development of existing ones to meet business needs and reduce staff turnover
SCF-37 Commercial operations Support the business: Provide legal, financial, commercial, and other expert advice to technical staff to support the day to day operations of the business
SCF-32 Commercial operations; Sector support Understand the sector: Understand the structure of the space sector, including upstream, midstream, and downstream segments, and the role of ancillary service providers
SCF-33 Commercial operations Set business strategy: Set business and project strategy and communicate this clearly to internal and external stakeholders
SCF-34 Commercial operations Provide leadership: Provide effective leadership to a project team, using project management tools and relevant software to create project plans and manage budgets, risk, schedules, quality, resources, and documentation
SCF-35 Commercial operations Meet commercial requirements: Prepare bids, tenders, proposals, and sales materials with internal and external stakeholders, to ensure that commercial requirements are met and the business continues to grow

Displaying all 6 competencies