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SCF-26 Software & data Understand applications of space data: Understand the applications of satellite data, for commercial, military, and scientific applications including for communications, remote sensing, and reconnaissance
SCF-27 Software & data Understand limitations of space hardware: Understand the limitations of space hardware and the spatial, spectral, temporal, radiometric, and geometric resolution of different types of sensors and bands
SCF-28 Software & data Understand role of space software: Understand the role of software in ground segment operations and the control of spacecraft
SCF-17 Electronics design; Software & data Develop software: Design, develop, and test software to meet specifications and standards
SCF-29 Software & data Create software documentation: Produce software documentation and version control systems to explain designs, document decisions, record the results of testing, and manage different software and data versions
SCF-30 Software & data Process data: Develop and use techniques and tools to store, combine, process, analyse, interpret, and present data efficiently to meet customer requirements, including applying statistical techniques like machine learning
SCF-31 Software & data Make software secure: Make use of encryption protocols to securely transmit and receive data, and make it accessible remotely through direct transmission and through interfaces like APIs

Displaying all 7 competencies