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SCF-3 Aero/mechanical design Understand launch: Understand the launch process, including the importance of mass budgets and the stresses of G-forces and vibrations
SCF-4 Aero/mechanical design Design components: Design components and assemblies using computer aided design (CAD) software to meet specifications and standards
SCF-5 Aero/mechanical design Run simulations: Write and run simulations using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element analysis (FEA) software to analyse how components and materials respond to things like stresses, thermal shocks, pressure differentials, radiation, and vibration
SCF-6 Aero/mechanical design Support manufacturing: Work with manufacturing engineers and workshop technicians to ensure that components can be manufactured and assembled easily and reliably
SCF-7 Aero/mechanical design Perform testing: Perform tests on models and finished components and analyse results to calibrate and verify computer simulations
SCF-8 Aero/mechanical design; Electronics design; Systems engineering Produce technical documents: Produce technical drawings, reports, and other documentation to explain designs, document decisions, and record the results of testing
SCF-9 Aero/mechanical design; Electronics design; Maintenance, manufacturing & materials Contribute to technical processes: Contribute to technical reviews such as design, assembly, integration and test readiness, and non-conformance reviews, and process improvement analysis
SCF-10 Electronics design Understand impact of the space environment on electronics: Understand the conditions of the space environment, including the effects of orbital altitude, radiation, extreme temperature conditions, electrostatic charging, and electromagnetic interference, and the implications for design of spacecraft electronics, power supply, and data transmissions
SCF-11 Electronics design; Systems engineering Understand spacecraft operations: Understand spacecraft launch and operations, including the importance of mass and links budgets
SCF-12 Electronics design Understand spacecraft electronics: Understand the role of electronics in spacecraft attitude determination and control, communications, telemetry, and control of payloads
SCF-13 Electronics design Understand telecoms: Understand radar, software defined radio, RF/Microwave systems, on-board data processing and storage, uplinks, antennas and common methods for encoding data into radio signals like QPSK
SCF-14 Electronics design Design circuit boards: Design and test electronic circuits using computer aided design (CAD) software to meet functional specifications, and implement those circuits into printed circuit boards
SCF-15 Electronics design Develop analogue and digital systems: Design and validate silicon subsystems like analog-to-digital-converters or power regulators
SCF-18 Maintenance, manufacturing & materials Understand material properties: Understand the properties and responses of materials in different environments and configurations, and how to manipulate these for the needs of spacecraft
SCF-19 Maintenance, manufacturing & materials Interpret technical documents: Interpret, prepare, and complete documentation including outputs from manufacturing software, technical diagrams, non conformance reports and technical build records in line with standards
SCF-20 Maintenance, manufacturing & materials Develop manufacturing processes: Develop processes to efficiently and reliably manufacture components to meet technical requirements and tolerances
SCF-21 Maintenance, manufacturing & materials Maintain systems: Inspect, use and maintain specialised systems, including cryogenic systems, vacuum and pressurised systems, clean rooms, contamination-controlled environments, and laboratories
SCF-22 Maintenance, manufacturing & materials Use manufacturing tools: Use tools and machines to manufacture, assemble, and integrate mechanical, electrical, and electronic equipment and materials
SCF-23 Maintenance, manufacturing & materials Measure components: Measure and analyse components and systems using spectrum analysers, pressure gauges, micrometers, balances and non-contact approaches
SCF-24 Maintenance, manufacturing & materials Test components: Test components, subsystems, and systems using a range of thermal-vacuum, electromagnetic compatibility, shock, and vibration techniques
SCF-25 Maintenance, manufacturing & materials Follow regulations: Comply with documentation, procedures, health, safety, and environment regulations, and quality assurance processes
SCF-26 Software & data Understand applications of space data: Understand the applications of satellite data, for commercial, military, and scientific applications including for communications, remote sensing, and reconnaissance
SCF-27 Software & data Understand limitations of space hardware: Understand the limitations of space hardware and the spatial, spectral, temporal, radiometric, and geometric resolution of different types of sensors and bands
SCF-28 Software & data Understand role of space software: Understand the role of software in ground segment operations and the control of spacecraft
SCF-17 Electronics design; Software & data Develop software: Design, develop, and test software to meet specifications and standards

Displaying competencies 26 - 50 of 57 in total