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SCF-29 Software & data Create software documentation: Produce software documentation and version control systems to explain designs, document decisions, record the results of testing, and manage different software and data versions
SCF-30 Software & data Process data: Develop and use techniques and tools to store, combine, process, analyse, interpret, and present data efficiently to meet customer requirements, including applying statistical techniques like machine learning
SCF-31 Software & data Make software secure: Make use of encryption protocols to securely transmit and receive data, and make it accessible remotely through direct transmission and through interfaces like APIs
SCF-33 Commercial operations Set business strategy: Set business and project strategy and communicate this clearly to internal and external stakeholders
SCF-34 Commercial operations Provide leadership: Provide effective leadership to a project team, using project management tools and relevant software to create project plans and manage budgets, risk, schedules, quality, resources, and documentation
SCF-35 Commercial operations Meet commercial requirements: Prepare bids, tenders, proposals, and sales materials with internal and external stakeholders, to ensure that commercial requirements are met and the business continues to grow
SCF-16 Electronics design Develop optoelectronic systems: Design and validate photonic components, subsystems, and active optical instruments, such as detectors and lasers, fibre-optic sensors, lidars, optical communication systems, and quantum technologies.

Displaying competencies 51 - 57 of 57 in total